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11.04 - 15.04.2023

Zermatt Unplugged @
BEAUSiTE Zermatt


Get the beats and join the Zermatt Unplugged acts on our terrace with the front seat view to the Matterhorn (free admission for hotel guests). Zermatt Unplugged is the acoustic, pop, rock and indie festival of the Swiss Alps from 11. to 15. April 2023.

Ninaattal Credit Frank Loriou 1

Nina Attal

11.04.2023 | 2pm

The French crossover phenomenon Nina Attal recently released her fourth album. Pieces of Soul is the name of the much-talked about work. It represents a return to the influences that have shaped the musician since her youth: blues, R'n'B, rock. Nina Attal had an unbelievable start to her musical career in 2009 when, at the age of just 17, she snapped up all the prizes at Blues Sur Seine, Frances largest blues festival. She has since performed at Europe's most prestigious jazz and blues festivals. 


Arny Margret D339b69d 05 147

Arny Margret

12.04.2023 | 2pm

Emotional folk songs, a pensive voice, linguistic imagery of simple, clear beauty – that's what the music of Arny Margret, a young artist from the northwest of Iceland, is all about. She picked up a lot of live experience last year and also released her debut album They Only Talk About The Weather. The eponymous single offers significant insight into Arny Margret's artistic statement. It feeds on contradictions, tells of displacement and loneliness.


Katie Silvester Morgan Harper Jones Final Press 05

Morgan Harper-Jones

13.04.2023 | 2pm

Morgan Harper-Jones grew up living a quiet life with her grandparents in the perfect tranquility of northwest England. She listened to a music different to that of her peers. She likes to knit. She's just different: an old soul in the body of a mid 20s musician. The feeling of being surprised that people attend her concerts is something Morgan Harper-Jones has meanwhile overcome, as the artist, who studies music in Manchester, has been performing now since 2017. She's the writer of the majority of her own songs, and it's Britain's most gifted producers and composers who are queueing up to work with her – Morgan Harper-Jones is a talent to be reckoned with.


Him, Hymn

Blair Davie

14.04.2023 | 2pm

It was an unbelievable year for Blair Davie, the young Scottish singer-songwriter from Perth. His debut single release paved the way for concerts across the whole of Great Britain and even catapulted him onto the continent as opener for JP Cooper. Honesty and vulnerability are aspects of his personality he no longer hides behind - and that's gotten him a long way. Blair Davie sings heart wrenchingly about heartache, bullying, bisexuality and all the things that move him.  


Photo 23 9 21, 4 00 46 Pm

Kim Churchill

15.04.2023 | 2pm

"Ocean-side blues", "psychedelic whale music" – is how the Vancouver Weekly describes the sound of one of Australia's best-known independent musicians: Kim Churchill. The multi award-winning artist has seen half the world. Blues, roots, rock, folk? Kim Churchill has always done as he pleases. The major labels despair of a true free spirit. Sometimes he does it with a producer, sometimes without, less is more. Kim Churchill uses guitar, percussion, vocals and harmonica to play gigs that are nothing short of handcrafted, world-encompassing universes.


Calum Bridges Photo (1)

Other acts

In addition to the concerts on the BEAUSiTE Matterhorn View Terrace, there are a variety of other acts in Zermatt.


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